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About Curb-It™
    Curb-It™ is a continuous and free flowing landscape edging allowing smooth graceful curves, straight straight-aways and round circles that add beauty and value to your home. Created on-site, Curb-It™ is installed cleanly and quickly, transforming your lawn without damaging existing landscaping. Curb-It™ is a durable, concrete edging that keeps rocks and mulch inside flowerbeds, and grass out. Curb-It™ is the most cost-effective way to put the finishing touches on your homes landscaping. It is low maintenance, adds definition and value to your property and is guaranteed for a full five years.

    Curb-It™ is made to replace standard landscape edging such as plastic edging, popcorn edging, and wooden edging sold at landscape supply stores. Curb-It™ is not sold in pieces, it is custom installed on your property by Curb-It™, Inc., the original and only installers of Curb-It™ brand landscape curbing. Curb-It™ is made out of a strong, "no slump" concrete mix and reinforced with fiber mesh giving it a psi rating of over 3000 psi making it as strong as a concrete driveway and just as durable.

    Curb-It™, Inc. is the original and only installers of Curb-It™ brand landscape curbing. The difference between Curb-It™ brand landscape curb and other generic curb brands is in the mix design and finish of the concrete. Verle Conrad, the owner of Curb-It™, Inc., incorporated Curb-It™ in 1987. Before that he worked with his father who owned his own concrete slab and driveway business. Today Verle Conrad has over 20 years of experience which give Curb-It™ brand landscape curbing the superior edge.

/- Curb-It™, Inc. has been recognized as a Nationwide Registers Who's Who in Executives and Businesses.
/- Curb-It™, Inc. has been recognized by several leading manufactures and suppliers in the field as one of the top buyers meaning Curb-It™, Inc. is one of the largest suppliers of landscape curbing in the world.
/- Curb-It™, Inc. is the original and only installer and supplier of Curb-It™ brand landscape curbing.
/- Curb-It™, Inc. won 1st place for its performance in a recent landscape curbing Olympics sponsored by Borderline Stamp USA, Inc.
/- Curb-It™, Inc. was acknowledged as the leading decorative landscape curb company in 2000 and 2001 by Curbmate, Inc.